Did You Know

Our fleet of 350 vehicles is currently being renewed.

All our activities are supported by our National Call Centre in the heart of Birmingham.

We now supply a 24 hour emergency service for Network, Specialist Switch and Head End faults.

Approximately 250,000 Residential installations are undertaken each year.

We have our own dedicated internal Construction Team.

Having become successfully established as a leading Network and Communications Service Provider throughout the United Kingdom, we have now branched out into the Utility Metering Sector.

Our field staff roles range from pre proofers to fibre splicers.

Approximately 38,000 Business installations are undertaken each year.

Comex 2000 currently has an expanding work force of 500 field and administrative staff.

Whilst continuing to have a major presence across Central and Outer London, through innovative thinking and client diversity, we now offer a full range of services on a National basis.

We are currently working on a national project to increase capacity in Virgin Media cabinets.

Comex 2000 is the only Virgin Media contractor to have a Tivo installation success rate of over 95%, within required specifications.